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The Sound Prescription and Wellness Therapies by
Harmonious Life and Health Institute

Harmonious Life and Health Institute specializes in wellness therapies for the mind and body and is the home of "The Sound Prescription" (Sound Script Therapy with RTOT*) (*Resonant Tone with Overtone Reinforcement)

Sound Script Therapy with RTOT is a very pleasant, relaxing alternative therapy much like, massage, ultra sound, reflexology, acupressure, and Reiki therapies. After therapy sessions, well clients and patients alike have reported the below:

Medical Benefits to RTOT Sound Script Therapy Reduction of pain and a decreased need for pain medications; peripheral neuropathy results -- reinstatement of sensation; physical therapy -- greater range of motion after RTOT musical stimulation with residual effects of posture changes after several RTOT Sound Script Sessions, decreased stress levels-increased life coping skills, increased physical energy, stress headaches decreased or disappeared -- without medication; improved sleep patterns and stabilization of vital signs.

Some Psychological Benefits to RTOT Soundscript Therapy are: Stress relief, anxiety relief, depression relief, increased hopefulness, increased relaxation, a sense of nurture and peacefulness, increased creativity, increased focus, improved mental attitude for general wellness and overall mood.

Some Psychosocial Benefits to RTOT Sound Script Therapy are: More emotional flexibility to cope in socializing events with family, business associates, doctors, nurses or physical therapy staff, improved attitudes, more mental awareness for socialization.


Family Group Therapy Sessions each family member has his own time in the foot rest recliner position with the Sound Script Therapist as others get the unusual opportunity to listen to the heart of their loved one -- they hear no words, but the musical expression of the life force of their child or parent -- giving insight and understanding into the inner beauty of the person. Sometimes each person has a different tone, sometimes the same -- giving a new insight in likeness between family members or individuality. There is a "wonder" to hearing a persons tone and rhythms expressed in musical sound -- No words, no threats, no arguments; just a nurturing moment-in-time that leads to a deeper understanding, by experiencing the beauty of another person.

Business Facility Sound Script Therapy's Benefits improved the morale of staff that personally participated in sessions, promoted peacefulness and positive chemistry within working staff, reduced stress headaches and anxiety during corporate changes (tested in the midst of staff and management changes), promoted relaxed phone and client communications. (Sound Script Therapy may be done in private session and in group session at business locations.)

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