Posted by: YorkTown65, 8/8/2008
I have worked with Melody many times. She's a wonderful artist, at both harp and voice. Her knowledge of the wedding ceremony is unbeatable. Her music and ensembles are truly extraordinary. She can play anything my clients request and I am always happy to refer her or find her at any occasion. She is a jewel.

Posted by: harprealm, 8/8/2008
Melody is a very gifted harpist with excellent style and a voice to accompany that glistens! Christina Tourin

Posted by: Autumn20, 8/8/2008
Melody is a great harpist and she deserves to be the winner of this contest!! I hope she wins!!

Posted by: Vicki44, 8/8/2008
Melody made our special anniversary party very special. Vicki

Posted by: SisterAnne, 8/8/2008
Melody is an outstandingly superior harpist, soloist, cantor--definitely a great musician. Her music not only comes from her heart and inner spirituality, but also is the musical source of comfort and joy for those who listen. Melody is trained as a cantor in the Catholic and Jewish faiths, and has experience in singing and leading hymns/songs in various faiths. Having helped guide Melody to be a cantor/song leader for the Catholic Mass, I have been pleased with her success. May God continue to bless this gifted musician whose talent radiates the joy and generosity of God, the Giver!

Posted by: doralynnkeltner, 8/8/2008
wonderful harpist, beautiful, relaxing, truly blessed

Posted by: KVV, 8/8/2008
She plays like an angel -- she is so heavenly. People are mesmerized by her fingers gliding across the strings and the music she coaxes from her harp.

Posted by: rudyp, 8/8/2008
Melody played in my mother-in-law's home many times as well as at her funeral. She not only plays beautifully, but sets a wonderful tone with her attitude. She is very caring and that comes across.

Posted by: isp, 8/8/2008
Melody has helped 3 members of our family who have passed away in the past three-four years. We love her! Her playing is heavenly!

Posted by: AdManager, 8/8/2008
Melody's CD's are amazing! Highly recommended!

Posted by: JoeIndigo, 8/8/2008
Music from and ANGEL !!!

Posted by: ramd, 8/8/2008
Melody provided the perfect touch for our wedding ceremony; we were blessed that she could share her talents for our special day!

Posted by: dmrphotoman, 8/8/2008
As president of the Wedding Professionals of Volusia County, I cast a strong and qualified vote for Melody. She is not only professional and extremely talented, but possesses an inner beauty that puts those around her at peace.

Posted by: Wonderfulwedding, 8/8/2008
Melody added so much elegance to our daughters wedding. Both she and her music were beautiful. Would highly recommend. Very pleasurable to work with and a true professional! Best of Luck Melody!

Posted by: oliverhl, 8/8/2008
Melody is one of the most talented musicians I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She deserves to win Central Fl most talented Musician...

Posted by: ginnyholder, 8/8/2008
Melody is one of the most accomplished professional musicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is a breathtaking Class Act that my wedding couples and their guests always rave about and remember fondly for years to come. Her elegance and grace make each event truly romantic and memorable. Ginny Holder

Posted by: bassman7, 8/8/2008
Melody is a well studied musician who is able to cover a wide range of musical challenges with customer satisfaction a major consideration.

Posted by: KVickery, 8/8/2008
A wonderfully talented and sensitive harpist. Her music reaches the depths of your heart reminding you of long ago and forgotten scenes of your life. Bravo!

Posted by: sue182, 8/7/2008
She is amazing and her music is inspiring and healing for the mind and soul

Posted by: MarthaHope, 8/7/2008
Melody has entertained at several weddings at our B&B. For one of the smaller weddings, she rolled her harp out on our Intra coastal Dock for the ceremony, and then into the Dining Room for Brunch. The guests were singing, laughing, and crying! Melody is such a joy!

Posted by: dlighthart, 8/7/2008
Love her music, very talented. She should win.

Posted by: Helenbahr, 8/7/2008
Melody sings like a bird and plays like an angel!!!

Posted by: Joni, 8/7/2008
Thank you for sharing your love of music with others!

Posted by: maryleggett0305, 8/7/2008
Melody made my wedding ceremony unforgettable. It's been a year since the event and everyone remembers how beautiful and elegant the wedding ceremony was because of her.

Posted by: kcgmpcyc, 8/6/2008
Outstanding...She is the best in the business!

Posted by: mcreggar, 8/4/2008
I first met Melody as a freshman in college. She was my private voice instructor at DBCC. She has always been an inspiration to me! She has performed at my church multiple times and is a true asset to any setting! I am so excited to vote for her as the Best Wedding Music in Central Florida! If you haven't had the opportunity, you should hear her sing!

Posted by: EdMarsh01, 8/4/2008 Melody has worked with me on several weddings over the past five years and a few even before that. She is a marvelous musician who loves the Lord and brings a spiritual dimension to each wedding as it should be. Melody has also worked with us at Tomoka Christian Church the past few years for Christmas Eve and other occasions. She is truly a Christian artist who is extremely talented. I highly recommend her.

Ed Marshall
Associate Pastor
Tomoka Christian Church
Ormond Beach, Florida

Posted by: shelamer, 8/1/2008
Melody has devoted her life to enriching everyone's life with her music and personality. She is a precious gift to our world.

Posted by: dsaatkamp, 8/1/2008
Melody is very talented and expressive, a wonderful musician.

Posted by: jasonsmom, 8/1/2008

Posted by: funn25, 8/1/2008
Melody has a God given gift, and she uses it to bless others. To hear her sing and play the harp is an awesome experience!

Posted by: dulcinea, 7/30/2008
Melody Anglin is an artist. Quintessential. The sensitivity with which she approaches her instrument, her music, her clients: refreshing. Professionalism extraordinaire. Music from the angels.

Posted by: kjc1156, 7/30/2008
Melody's harp playing was so beautiful at our daughters wedding, it added a special touch to such an important event. She is wonderful to work with. Good luck, Melody.

Posted by: mako175, 7/30/2008
I have had the pleasure of working with Melody at many weddings and events. She is always fabulous and extremely professional. I wouldn't plan an event without her talent.

Posted by: acportwood, 7/30/2008
Melody has been truly gifted by God and it is obvious that she gives Him all the credit for her music. She adds a perfect touch at weddings and is a pleasure to work with.

Posted by: marvinfrederick, 7/28/2008
Warm, sensitive, truly gifted from God, Melody plays and sings from her faith. I would give her my highest recommendation.

Posted by: misterdj, 7/21/2008
Beautiful music to enhance the elegance of any event. Melody has the talent and experience to create a wonderful musical atmosphere.

Posted by: beautiwed, 7/21/2008
Melody is one of the most talented musicians that I have ever had the privilege of working with. Not only is she an accomplished harpist but she has the voice of an angel that adds to her grace and charm. A must for a perfect wedding.

Posted by: dmperry711, 7/16/2008
She added such elegance to my daughter's wedding. I would highly recommend Melody.

Posted by: annestoner, 7/15/2008
She has a true gift of music!

Posted by: robdeg57, 7/15/2008
My wife & I have known Meolody for many years. We have heard her perform in various settings to include at our church. Melody's presentation of her talent is second to none. She adds so much to any setting in which she is asked to perform. Her professionalism is impeccable do to her high standards. She recieves 5 stars from us.

Posted by: dddanimator, 7/15/2008
Melody did Wonderful at our Wedding!

Posted by: carebearshoaf, 7/13/2008
Melody was absolutely incredible! She was more like a wedding planner and musician all in one! She was just such a pleasure to work with. Melody gave us advice that helped us tremendously! 5 stars all the way!

Posted by: hmorse, 7/12/2008
Melody is Great! 5 stars all the way. As Vice-President of the Daytona Symphony Society, she is a pleasure to work with and cares about music in our community.

Posted by: bluewings, 7/10/2008
Melody was the only musician at our wedding, for the ceremony AND reception. Her music, style and demeanor were such an asset to the atmosphere. We were absolutely delighted to have somebody as talented and sweet as Melody to be a part of our very special wedding. There was nothing like it when I was able to walk down the aisle with my father and listen to that gorgeous harp!! Her music is absolutely angelic, and she is definitely blessed with an unusually wonderful gift.

Posted by: AL12345, 7/10/2008
It was once said that music is the human soul put to sound & Melody is living proof. Melody's gift has touched my soul in a way I can never fully describe. She is truly amazing.

Posted by: beachiegal89, 7/9/2008
Melody is a wonderful player. She played a harp at my wedding 10 years ago and now doing a harp therapy to help me to get improving. Although I am wearing a pair of hearing aids, I enjoyed listening to her beautiful music. I would like recommend Melody to people I know. She's the BEST!

Posted by: misha8984, 7/8/2008
We had Melody play our wedding ceremony music along with her cellist and it was more beautiful than I could have imagined. Walking down the aisle to her music was heavenly. I recommend her to anyone.

Posted by: ashleymarrone, 7/6/2008
I cannot say enough about how impressive Melody is - as a harpist, vocalist, and ceremony planner. She was so very professional in helping me create the program for my wedding ceremony music and I (and all of my guests) were blown away on the big day by her performance. Asking her to sing and play at my wedding was one of the best decisions that I made. My husband I and love watching our wedding video even more now - to hear the music and remember our beautiful and perfect day.

Posted by: flamingo71, 7/6/2008
Words are inadequate to describe the haunting beauty and of Melody's music. Her professionalism and enthusiasm are always evident. It is truly a joy to hear her play.

Posted by: srh1305, 7/1/2008 I have officiated at many, many weddings over 38 yrs. and was truly touched as well as deeply impressed by Melody's artistic style and feeling. She by all means deserves to be crowned the winner. Rev. Dr. Stephen R. Herbert

Posted by: genegizzi, 7/1/2008
Melody Anglin is truly amazing. Her passion, artistry and professionalism are evident not only in her music, but also in the generous way she conducts her business. The big surprise to anyone fortunate enough to book her for a wedding or special event may well be her versatility, dynamic range of styles, and ability to touch the hearts of her audience. Her musicianship is extraordinary, but beyond that she is a "memory maker" worthy of the highest recognition.

Posted by: rwestergaard, 6/29/2008
I met Melody in 1987 during our joint participation in the American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria. She is a consummate musician, with amazing interpretive and technical gifts that dazzle audiences.

Posted by: digitalartconcepts, 6/28/2008
Having known Melody Long Anglin for nearly 10 years both as a professional associate and as my instructor, I am eager to support her nomination for Best In Central Florida Area 2008 Wedding Music. Not only does her talent exemplify excellence, her business ethic and personal commitment to each and every client manifests peace of mind - an assurance that all will turn out beautifully in her capable hands.

Posted by: RoseMaryMiller, 6/28/2008
As a wedding officiant and coordinator,I have had the privilege of working with Melody Long Anglin on numerous occasions. I am always pleased when my brides have chosen Melody to handle the music for their wedding because I know everything will be perfect. Melody is not only an incredible musician, but also contributes her talent to the community through her music therapy. I am honored to know Melody and am always thankful for the opportunity to work with her. Thank you Melody.

Posted by: MrChocolateFountain, 6/28/2008
Being in the Wedding and Event business, Melody and our paths have crossed many times. What a wonderful addition to any event! This of course is made possible by her talent, professionalism, and beautiful music!

Posted by: DavidPStokes, 6/28/2008
Melody Long Anglin combines artistic talent with professional competence and graciousness. She has played for several events I have been involved with, and it is always a joy.

Posted by: debbieherbert, 6/27/2008
Melody Long Anglin was the musician for our daughters wedding ceremony as well as the reception. Melody totally set the mood for the ceremony. At the reception, she played a variety of songs to please all ages and we received several complements about her. She was a joy to work with right from the start. Melody's talent is certainly a gift from God! I hope to work with her again!

Posted by: soulexpressing, 6/27/2008
Melody Long Anglin was my harp teacher from 1996-2005. Melody's technical ability at the harp affords her the foundation to manifest the unified sounds in creation. To be present at one of her concerts is to remember/find the power of love deep within each one of us. Because of her union with her harp, the purity of vibration she releases purifies, refreshes, renews, restores. Melody brings tremendous pleasure and upliftment and her music is an enormous asset to any venue.

Posted by: withgodeverythingispossible, 6/27/2008
My husband and I have known Melody for over 12 years. She is such a delightful person to be around and an incredible musical talent. Melody has a way of creating a wonderful atmosphere with her harp. She played at our wedding ceremony over 10 years ago and people still remember just how beautiful it was. She also blessed us with her vocal performance which is an absolute delight. Melody is very thoughtful and professional and I would recommend her to anyone.

Posted by: onelakebum, 6/27/2008
Melody is undoubtedly one of the most talented musicians you will ever experience. Don't miss an opportunity to hear her musical talent. She will surprise you! Melody performed at our business open house and did a fabulous job. Her harp music created the perfect relaxing atmosphere for our event. Everyone who attended was very impressed with our ability to provide such an elegant performer. Melody made their experience truly memorable.

Posted by: etmerian, 6/27/2008
Melody was fantastic! Her music was beautiful at the ceremony and reception and she was so helpful, caring, and patient throughout the planning process! A must for a successful event!

Posted by: gragot, 6/27/2008
Melody was amazing from the moment I met her! She has a true gift and she used it to help me create the most perfect sound and atmosphere for my very special wedding day! Melody was extremely helpful to me and to my family through the whole wedding planning process. She helped us pick the music that would best suit our event and she helped me think of special details to add to our ceremony to make it more personal. I appreciate Melody for her many talents in Music and song and for her passion and creativity in the music industry. We had her string trio for our wedding ceremony and the music was outstanding! The ceremony was emotional, romantic, and personal and I thank Melody for that. Thank you Melody for everything! Gina & Maurice

Posted by: pinkdice, 6/27/2008
Melody's beautiful musical talent is unquestionable! But as a liturgy specialist, Melody was extremely helpful to my daughter and I during the planning stages of my daughter's wedding. Prior to meeting with Melody, Meghan and I had many, many unanswered questions regarding the ceremony that made us feel unsure and nervous. Not after meeting with Melody! She not only answered all of those questions for us, but provided much needed additional information that helped the planning and the ceremony itself go so much more smoothly! She gave us piece of mind! The entire ceremony including the music went beautifully! Since my daughter's wedding, Melody has also played at my sister-in-law"s funeral and helped plan the music for my husband's funeral at a time when I felt unable to even think clearly. She also has come to my home several times with her harp to do sound therapy for my comatose son. What a blessing she has been to our family! We are forever grateful!

Posted by: cammieneko, 6/26/2008
Melody was very professional and so very sweet from the first time I spoke to her. She gave so much information and beautiful samples of her work for me to listen to. To play at my wedding, Melody and her family drove into another state and stayed out in the hot sun while even the guests stood in the shade. She played so beautifully when the guests arrived, and again when I went down the isle. If you want the best and someone extremely talented as well as professional, choose Melody. You'll have nothing to worry about on your wedding day, or at your event. Melody is highly recommended!

Posted by: revivalday, 6/26/2008
Melody brings not only an unbelieving talent but a great sense of musical presence that is rarely exhibited in a musical experience. Your wedding day will be greatly enhanced by Melody's virtuosity.

Posted by: orlandoeventfabulous, 6/16/2008 Melody is an angel! She is a complete joy to work with... her talent is unbelievable and breathtaking! She brings the right "feel" to your wedding day!