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Melody Long Anglin, Harpist
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Instruction by Melody

As and educator, Melody has been teaching and coaching harp and voice for over 25 years. Her trade mark is the "polished performance" of her students and their professional preparation into their musical world of choice. She has taught at Stetson University DeLand, Daytona Beach Community College, Oral Robert's University, and Rhema Bible College, as well as, in her home studio and for many conferences, workshops and choral clinics.

Her students have garnished honors, awards, recognition and placement both locally, nationally and internationally such as:
  • "Superior" and "Excellent" rankings in State Music Festivals and Competitions at both the Highschool and College levels (Florida and Oklahoma.)
  • Finalists in American Harp Society National Bi-annual Competitions
  • Winner ranking in the top 3 of American Harp Society National Bi-annual Competitions
  • Junior Miss Competition Talent Winners
  • Talent winners to Miss Oklahoma Pageant and runner-up over all
  • Participant in the International World Harp Congress Master Class arena (an auditioned privilege).
  • Guest of the National Public Radio Show From the Top aired out of New York
  • Recipients of many local scholarships
  • Full and parital scholarship reciptients to the university of their choice
  • Finalists and winners in many concerto and concerto aria competitions
  • Musical Guests of Christian Televison networks and radio
  • Musical host for children's instructional Christian television series
  • Evangelical touring
  • Founders of opera, children theaters and musical workshops for community services.
  • Recording artists, back-up singers and television commercial personalities
  • Practicing Therpeutic Harp Practitioners

Melody's studio consists of beginning to advanced voice and harp students (both lever and pedal). Because of her business acumen in the field of music and performance experience, she coaches many professional artists (both in harp and voice) for intensive study of technique, style, interpretation, arranging and marketing creativity. Study may be done on a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or intense submersion basis (2-3 days every 6 months -- professionals only) with as much or as little participation in the extra classes offered below as the student desires.


  • Master Classes
  • Coaching
  • Career Planning
  • Jury Recitals
  • Ensemble Classes
  • Workshops
  • Ensemble Performances
  • Celtic Studies
  • Classical Studies (multiple languages art song and aria)
  • Vocal Diction and Speech Articulation
  • Chamber Music Studies
  • Orchestral Studies
  • Music History
  • Studies in Pops, Broadway and Christian Music
  • Stage and Television: Etiquette Make-up and Attire
  • Solo Performance with performance opportunities

  • Harp Therapy
  • Sound Script Therapy Certification
  • Modal Studies
  • Body Frequency Studies
  • Improvisation coupled with Ear Training
  • Arranging
  • Accompanying
  • Reading from Shape (mapping)
  • Theory
  • Composition with Form and Analysis (Classic and Schenkerian Styles)

"Melody Anglin is an amazing musical instructor.  Throughout the several years I was Mrs. Anglin's student, I was not only taught how to become a professional musician, I was taught the importance of discipline and its essential role in leading a successful life. Coming from a student who could always think of pretty plausible reasons for not practicing, Melody Anglin always had the patience to see to it that I would learn and succeed at anything I put my mind to. Although I have not continued to play harp professionally, the lessons I learned while studying with Mrs. Anglin have continued to guide my everyday life. Studying the harp under Melody Anglin's direction not only taught me the technical aspect of learning and perfecting a musical instrument, it also played an instrumental role in my devolopment through college and law school . . . studying the harp opened so many doors for me and provided me with the confidence to march forward into the future, knowing that I have the discipline it takes to be a success." -- Tricia Thor Olson

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