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Audio CD
Song List:
1. Roots of Earth (C)
2. Sacral Strength (D)
3. Solar Waters (E)
4. Gateway of Love (F)
5. Voice Bridge (G)
6. Frames of Memory (A)
7. Spirit Mind (B, Bb)

$18.00 USD

For Bookings please contact: MbM Talents
Melody Long Anglin, Concert Harpist and Vocalist
1500 Beville Road, Suite 606-300, Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
Phone: 386-767-7862   Fax: 386-756-1356   contact@melodyconcertartist.com
Melody Long Anglin Concert Artist Melody Long Anglin Harpist Melody Long Anglin Concert Harp Artist
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