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About Melody

Melody Long Anglin, is seasoned concert harpist, wedding harpist, therapeutic harpist and soprano. She received her master's degree in Music Performance from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, her bachelors degree from Oral Roberts University with post graduate work with the American Institute of Musical Studies, Graz, Austria; and the University of Connecticut, Storrs. Melody holds a Therapeutic Harp Practitioner certificate from the International Harp Therapy Program (England and San Diego) and is a Sound Script Therapist for Harmonious Life and Health Institute doing research in the area of sound and health.

Melody's career as an artist has spanned the scope of private performances from a local to an international level. She has appeared for Christian television networks such as 55 Live, Channel 52 and also PTL Satellite Network where Melody was the television harpist for Oral Roberts Sunday Night Live. Her radio work has been with local PBS, Christian and talk radio networks and the World Radio Network where her music ministered behind the iron curtain. She has performed for many celebrities such as: Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Barbara Mandrell, Patrick Duffy, Former Presidents George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton, Richard Petty, Bill Elliott, Michael Eisner, Mannheim Steamroller and many religious leaders especially during her tenure with PTL Satellite Network. Melody does classical recitals, concert series, community concerts and orchestral work, as well as, Christian concerts, evangelical crusades, conventions, weddings and special events as a solo harpist or with her Apex Ensembles featuring harp with other instruments like violin, cello and flute. Some career highlights are:

  • New Music Soprano Soloist in workshop with American Composer, David Diamond of New York
  • Long term Composition and Orchestration studies with Maestro Franco Autori, Composer and Associate Conductor to Arturo Toscanini, New York Philharmonic
  • New Music Studies and Soprano Soloist with American Composer Jacob Druckman
  • Harpist for Dave Brubeck, Tulsa Performing Arts Center
  • Soprano Soloist premiering works by American Composer, Lawrence Rackley and American Poet, Harry Mathews
  • Soprano Soloist premiering works by American Composer, Harold Fortuin and American Poet, T. Russell Kesler
  • As an internationally recognized educational specialist and conference planner, Melody coordinated the 1995 and 1999, Florida International Festival's New Horizon's events preparing the arrangements and the harpists for a 25 harp ensemble to be conducted by the London Symphony Orchestra harpist, Osian Ellis. And continues her work with the Festival from time to time.

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